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1974, 04 – Carrie

Carrie – Room to Run

From @KingdomSearch (

Carrie: Report of Deceased

My edition is Signet (first Signet Printing, April, 1975) 46 47 48 49 50 51 52.

& here is the Medical Record:

Dirk, in Germany, the guy behind the absolutely amazing Kingdom Search, informed me (via his Twitter) of the following:

“there R 2 different hospital forms in different Carrie editions … The US editions say “Westover Mercy Hospital” & “State of Maine”, while the Brit. say “Andover…” & “Commonwealth of Maine” … Additionally, the US ed. have handwritten entries for “by,” “Doctor,” & “Pathologist” fields – which are missing in Brit. ed.”

Seriously … how great is it to have that kind of knowledge at your fingertips?  I’m in awe.

Anyways, he gave me permission to post the British edition’s Report of Deceased (& gave me a scanned version – much better than my camera phone photo).  So here it is!
(how cool is this?)

Carrie – Wreckage

to rip off a Carrie:  To cause either violence or destruction; mayhem; confusion; (2) to commit arson (from Carrie White 1963-1979)”

& it’s done.  There’s a certain sense of satisfaction in completing a novel, juxtaposed with a certain sense of loss.  But in the King universe, if there is one thing we know, it’s that the story is never over.  So for the rest of the weekend (as i’m overdue, i’m really in a stew), I will be wondering about Sue Snell & Ms. Desjardin, the town of Chamberlain & little Annie Jenks.

Onto ‘Salem’s Lot!  Right in time for the whole vampire craze that has swept the nation.

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