I’m Blushing (Reviews)

Here are some entirely too kind things people have said about this website:

“Thank you SO much for sharing this with me.  I really wish i’d known you better and for longer.

This blog is really touching, deep, sad, funny and well-written.  Please keep it going strong – I’m already checking it more than once a day…” – SK (not thee SK, but a very cool SK, nonetheless)


“wow..i’m hooked already! I just stayed [late at work] to read it.  You’re so talented Niki.. looking forward to keeping up!” – LDP


“Reading Stephen King’s work in chronological order. Her tangential blog is insightful and enjoyable to read. <3” – @sekala


“Your whole project is terrific by the way. I have very hazy memories of having time to read fiction…” – ES


So, there.  Say something nice about The Stephen King Project & see your words in print on this page!  Then tell your friends all about how you were quoted on the inter-webs (& by “tell,” I mean “give them the link”)!  ::nudge nudge wink wink::

– Niki

3 thoughts on “I’m Blushing (Reviews)

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